How sales engineers can help you achieve your goals

Annie Lin

Sales engineer is an asset to your sales team who can help move your deals faster

Sales engineers

You must be wondering, what exactly does a Sales Engineer do!

If you are running a tech startup or leading a team of salespeople in a tech organization, you may need a sales engineer who understands the nuances of explaining certain aspects of your business.

Sales engineer (SE) can discuss your technology a little bit in detail so your clients have peace of mind that they are purchasing the right product. SE can be an asset for a company that deals with tech products or services and have to sit with CTOs or engineers at some point in time during their sales cycle.

Let’s talk about the scenarios when SE can move the deals faster

1. Selling a technical product

SEs have the technical knowledge that regular sales people normally are not equipped with. They are able to not only pitch the products, but also provide more details in technical terms regarding the products during the sales pitch.

Technical know-how

2. Sharing details about product integrations

SEs can provide clients better and deeper understanding of the products because they know the whole process of how the product is implemented. The more the clients understand the product, the better they can determine how to utilize these products to fulfill their needs.

3. Telling your clients about security and privacy embedded in your product

SEs are trained to speak and explain in lower level details of security and privacy topics directly with clients in confidence. This helps the clients to gain more trust in the products compared to just going through the security and privacy websites in a high level overview.

Security and Privacy

4. Explaining the concept of deriving certain outcome that requires technical know how

SEs can assist on not only the normal data migrations, but also any unique and difficult data migrations. They have the technical background to export and import data to ensure a smooth transition.

5. Understanding technical aspects of client’s business and their tech stack

SEs recognize the problems and goals of the clients. The in-depth knowledge of the clients’ business with valuable information of the product makes SEs valuable and competent of being trusted by the clients.

6. Mitigating implementation related objections, thereby accelerating the sales cycle

SEs have technical conversations with clients' engineers and CTOs who also look for technical implications before implementing the solution in their tech stack. This accelerates the sales cycle because there will be less back and forth checking with the technical team on the client’s implementation questions. SEs have the answers right on the spot!

Top attributes of a Successful sales engineer

1. Understanding of the entire sales process

Familiarity with the sales process is important for successful SEs because it helps them understand which step they are currently at and also identify the next steps to smoothly move forward with the sales. Having a know-how of the sales process as well as technical aspects give them the superpower of moving the deals faster. Flyte provides automated notes and product mention analytics that are super useful to a sales engineer as they immediately get to know when to engage in a client conversation and provide necessary help.

Client meetings

2. Understanding tech to fill gaps

As SEs work with numerous disparate groups, they often start acting as a bridge between client groups by utilizing their sales and technological knowledge to solve the clients’ problems. They also became the voice of the customer to help the company understand and fulfill the needs of the clients. Lastly, SEs adapt to unique needs and environments to provide the clients the best solution. To achieve this goal, they need to understand when their involvement will help the deal move faster. Flyte provides a complete dashboard of customer sentiments and product feature mentions to notify the leaders as to when they need to dedicate a sales engineer to a particular deal.

3. Understanding customer’s business and top concerns

A successful SE is knowledgeable about the clients’ business and the top concerns that they have. This allows clients to trust the SE and be more willing to listen to what the SE has to offer to solve the problems. By learning from sentiment analysis, top topics discussed during client conversations, sales leaders can allocate the right sales resources to tackle every conversation in a productive way!

Understanding customer concerns

4. Can present your product and explain its features effectively

The demo performance and explanation of the product is a major skill for a SE. They need to have the ability to not only clearly explain how to use the product, but also not make it too complex that repels clients. With every sales conversation, Flyte can derive useful analytics that helps sales leaders identify how their sales engineers performed during a product demo. By learning about the sales engineer’s performance and customer sentiments, sales leaders can identify the deal risks way in advance before it falls apart.

5. Can communicate on technical and personal plane

A good relationship with clients is essential for SEs because this increases the chance of closing a sales deal. Relationships are built from great communications. An outstanding SE can communicate on both technical and general topics with their clients that results in a good relationship. With Flyte call insights and customer sentiment intelligence, sales teams can be well equipped on various client engagements and set themselves for success!

Now that you know how important and valuable sales engineers are to your business, come talk to Flyte to understand how we help SEs and their clients with powerful and automated technology! Book a demo today and empower your sales team with a tool that can help them bring success at every stage of the sales cycle.

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Top features for client conversations

  • Store - Ability to record and search meeting notes within Flyte or through Slack so that you can quickly access and view your notes whenever, wherever.
  • Sort - Ability to sort notes based on speakers, topic or length makes it super easy to customize as you want.
  • Share - Ability to share notes with team members or customers to keep the business moving forward, saving time and energy.

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