Close and retain - thats the name of the game!

Sales teams using Flyte are 30% more effective in closing deals and retaining clients.

Build relationships

Discover what resonates with your customer and engage right decision makers through deal insights

Boost team performance

Coach your reps through leaderboards and competitive insights to learn effective sales techniques

Achieve deal excellence

Strategically build your pipeline based on the recommended course of action and data-backed forecasts

Manage your deals with confidence

Hit your goals by using recommendations on deal risks and forecasted conversion scores. Utilize projections to make critical decisions on important deals

Learn what's going on in your customer's mind

Capture aggregated competitive and product mentions to learn about customer preferences. Enhance sales and marketing teams alignment to have one voice in front of the customer

Onboard and coach your sales reps faster

Use benchmarks and enagagement scores to identify coaching opportunities. Onboard fast by traning new reps through customer and product insights

What they’re saying

Flyte interprets subtle language cues that may have been overlooked or missed during client calls. It also highlights takeaways, actions, and data points with supreme accuracy, making follow-up conversations and emails spot-on. It organizes conversations and analyzes interest and buying intent feelings in the exchange. It's unlike anything else I have seen out there.

Jennifer G.

Sales and Marketing Executive

Flyte is a profound AI tool that enables my team to understand where they are in their sales process and what they can do to move it forward. Trackers in place that allow me to know where we stand against our competitors (competitive insights) and deal intelligence within all stages are now a critical component of my team's daily processes.

Jon F.

Head of Partnerships

One of the most important tools I've ever used in my career. All of the time I used to spend taking and transcribing notes, I now have back. I’m now able to focus on the conversation at hand, knowing Flyte has my back. Flyte enables me to connect with my clients better and learn about their sentiment and emotions. It definitely helps me do my job better!

Jeff Caldwell
Jeff C.

Associate VP, Marketing

Flyte is fantastic! I'm capturing key insights, driving more deals through, and increasing engagement on calls. Flyte helps me with coaching myself or my teammates based on common points of contention we find in meetings. It helps me learn commonalities between clients, so I learn more on how to "sell" to certain personas.

Mo Traore
Mo Traore

Sales Account Executive

Loyal Logo

Our fund invested in Flyte when it was still pre-product and I recently got to try the software. The UI is quite elegant and I was impressed by Flyte’s ability to automatically capture topics from an audio stream. Client call analytics and buyer intent prove the value of the platform and how this can enable large sales organizations to focus on winnable deals.

Jeremy Zaretsky
Jeremy Z.

Venture Partner

Efficiency in the early stages of our sales cycle is important. We are a growing, small team and any gains in efficiency are helpful - so note taking and follow up is a priority. When the team grows, I imagine the sentiment analytics will be more valuable. I like that you don't need an extra Zoom "attendee" to have the notes taken & the integration with Hubspot is solid!

John C.

Director of Sales

Flyte gives me the ability to focus more on the conversations I'm having with clients and less on making sure I take down every single note. Its a huge timesaver in putting those notes directly into SFDC. This has a major impact when a rep churns from an organization so you can see the conversation they had and not relying on someone else's notes.

Mark C.

Senior Account Executive

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