Close and retain. Thats the name of the game.

Sales teams using Flyte are 30% more effective in closing deals and retaining clients.

Close more deals with Flyte

Close more deals

Enable your reps to spend less time taking notes and more time closing deals and engaging with customers

Shorten ramp time

Train your reps through advanced analytics to learn effective sales techniques and hit their revenue goals faster.

Reduce Churn

Discover what resonates with your customer with topic level insights - read between the lines to anticipate and reduce churn.

AI powered call notes

Capture call notes, action items, questions and data points automatically without lifting fingure.

Advanced call analytics

Capture aggregated call insights and deal intelligence to uncover potential deal risks from sales calls

Fully integrated platform

Automatically record all your meetings from Zoom and export call notes to email, Hubspot, Salesforce and more.

What they’re saying

Flyte has saved me so much time with my meetings. Not only does it give me the notes that I need, but it shows me insights I couldn’t otherwise uncover. I’ll never take manual meeting minutes ever again!

Grant Carlile
Grant Carlile

Managing Director

Clutch Logo

One of the most important tools I've ever used in my career. All of the time I used to spend taking and transcribing notes, I now have back. I’m now able to focus on the conversation at hand, knowing Flyte has my back.

Jeff Caldwell
Jeff Caldwell,

Associate VP, Marketing

Roboflow Logo

I use Flyte religiously for my sales calls. I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to save time with their meetings!

Mo Traore
Mo Traore

Sales Account Executive

Loyal Logo

Our fund invested in Flyte when it was still pre-product and I recently got to try the software for the first time. The UI is quite elegant and I was impressed by Flyte’s ability to automatically extract topics from an audio stream.

Jeremy Zaretsky
Jeremy Zaretsky

Venture Partner

Silicon Valley Bank Logo

I was in a meeting today, and I was taking notes, and I said to myself “why am I taking notes right now? I don’t need to – I have Flyte notes"...Now I can pay attention to the meeting the way I want to and engage in it and then I’ll just look at the notes later.

Jesse Bardo
Jesse Bardo


Jon Neff

I've consistently struggled with staying on top of client follow-ups, especially on days with back-to-back meetings. Flyte has empowered me to get back to our clients sooner, organize our communication better, and develop genuine client relationships.

Jon Neff
Jon Neff


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