Flexible Conversational NLP for Sales Teams!
Flyte helps ensure quality conversations without the management having to be on all sales calls. Flyte also helps with gathering competitive intel and other industry-specific insights and is thus very useful for our team of subject matter experts and our marketing team!

VP of Sales & Marketing

Track rep performance at every deal stage

Visualize your deal pipeline in a single view with potential red flags highlighted for you to take action. Coach your reps on every deal stage by looking at recommendations

Improve customer engagement on every deal

Build long lasting relationships and trust with your clients by learning what’s going on in their minds. Optimize your deal pipeline with improved engagement

Boost conversion rates by identifying risks

Crush your revenue targets by utilizing projected growth and close rates. Achieve highest return on investment by acting on the data-backed recommendations

What they’re saying

Flyte is incredibly easy and intelligent to use as an audial note-taker. It organizes conversations and analyzes interest and buying intent feelings in the exchange.  It's unlike anything else I have seen out there in this aspect.

Jennifer G.

Chief Marketing Officer

One of the most important tools I've ever used in my career. All of the time I used to spend taking and transcribing notes, I now have back. I’m now able to focus on the conversation at hand, knowing Flyte has my back.

Jeff Caldwell
Jeff C.

Associate VP, Marketing

I use Flyte religiously for my sales calls. I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to save time with their meetings!

Mo Traore
Mo Traore

Sales Account Executive

Loyal Logo

Our fund invested in Flyte when it was still pre-product and I recently got to try the software for the first time. The UI is quite elegant and I was impressed by Flyte’s ability to automatically extract topics from an audio stream.

Jeremy Zaretsky
Jeremy Z.

Venture Partner

We are a small team and any efficiencies we can get in the sales process are valuable at this point. I like that you don't need an extra Zoom "attendee" to have the notes taken and the integration with Hubspot is solid!

John C.

Director of Sales

Jon Neff

I've consistently struggled with staying on top of client follow-ups, especially on days with back-to-back meetings. Flyte has empowered me to get back to our clients sooner, organize our communication better, and develop genuine client relationships.

Jon Neff
Jon N.

Founder and CEO

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