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Chhavi Singh, Shilpa Sharma

Enjoy your client calls on Zoom without worrying about capturing notes and call insights

Flyte Zoom Integration

With more and more people getting comfortable with using Zoom for their professional meetings, it’s a no-brainer for sales professionals to have an automated note-taker and analytics platform integrated with Zoom for their client meetings. Flyte is now integrated with Zoom!

Let’s discuss how this will actually work in your meetings:

1. Log in to Flyte

If you are an existing user, just login using your username and password to log in to your account. If you are a new user, sign up through our website and Flyte support team will onboard you on the platform.

Flyte login screen

When you log in to Flyte for the first time, you will be taken to the Flyte Notebook page. This page will initially be empty. If you’ve used Flyte before then you’ll see your previous notes in the Notebook section.

2. Connect your Flyte account with Zoom

In order to connect your Flyte account with Zoom, click on the “Integrations” icon on the sidebar located on the left hand side of the screen. You will be taken to the Flyte “Integrations” page, where all the apps that you have connected with Flyte will appear.

You will see a list of applications on the screen. Below each application is a “Connect” button to connect your account with that application. In this case, please click on the Connect button below the Zoom app icon. You’ll be redirected to a page detailing the scopes and permissions requested by the Flyte app for Zoom, and asked to authorize Flyte to connect with your Zoom account. Note that if the user is not currently logged in to Zoom, they will first be asked to log in to their Zoom account before they see the scopes and permissions page.

Authorization screen

Once the user authorizes the Flyte app, the user is seamlessly directed back to the “Integrations” page within Flyte. This time, they should see a “Connected” label below Zoom, and a “Disconnect” button next to it. This indicates that Flyte is now connected to the user’s Zoom account.

3. Start using Flyte to create fully automated notes and call insights using Zoom

Once Flyte is connected to a user’s Zoom account, click on the ‘Add Notes’ section at the top of the sidebar. You will be taken to the Flyte “Add Notes” page, where you will be asked to choose the type of meeting you’d like to create notes for. Choose the type of meeting and click on the “Zoom Call” button. There are two primary ways a user can add notes in Flyte from a Zoom call:

a. From past Zoom recordings

After clicking on the “Zoom Call” button, you will be taken to the Zoom integration screen where you’ll see a list of your previous Zoom recordings.

Flyte only shows previous recordings saved in a user’s Zoom cloud recordings. These recordings must be no less than 15 days old, and must be longer than 1 minute in duration, and must be in audio format. Each recording is listed with details including the date and time of recording, the title of the corresponding Zoom meeting, the recording duration, and a “Create Notes” button. In order to create notes for any of the recordings in the list, click on the “Create Notes” button.

So if you’re traveling to visit your client or taking a meeting from an airport lounge or hotel lobby, just record your meeting on Zoom and automatically create notes and call insights later on to review key highlights. It’s simple!

b. From the upcoming Zoom meetings

The Zoom integration screen we saw in the previous section contains two tabs - Recordings and Meetings. We just saw how a user can create Flyte notes from the Recordings tab. Now let’s look at the Meetings tab on the screen. This tab shows the upcoming meetings that the user has scheduled. Each row contains information about the time of the meeting, meeting title, a “Join” button and a toggle button for automatically creating notes. The Join button allows a user to join the Zoom meeting from within Flyte. The “Automatically Create Notes” toggle buttons do exactly that.  If you wish to create notes for all your Zoom meetings, toggle this button on and you just need to join your meetings and Flyte will manage the ‘recording’ and ‘creating notes’ part.

Flyte launched in Zoom Marketplace

4. Disconnect Flyte app for Zoom

a. Through Flyte

In order to disconnect the Flyte app for Zoom, click on the “Integrations” icon on the sidebar on the left. You will be taken to the Integration section of Flyte, which is used to manage all your integrations. Under the Zoom icon, click on the “Disconnect” button to disconnect Flyte from your Zoom account.

b. Through Zoom

Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App marketplace. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Flyte AI Notes for Zoom app. Click the Flyte AI Notes for Zoom app. Click Uninstall.

5. Start Using Flyte app for Zoom

So, whether you are a salesperson or a customer success manager, you are now free from the hassle of manually capturing notes from each client call. Now, you can focus on the conversation and close more deals.

Can’t wait to try it out? Just sign up today and start making the most out of your meetings because every client conversation counts!

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Top features for client conversations

  • Store - Ability to record and search meeting notes within Flyte or through Slack so that you can quickly access and view your notes whenever, wherever.
  • Sort - Ability to sort notes based on speakers, topic or length makes it super easy to customize as you want.
  • Share - Ability to share notes with team members or customers to keep the business moving forward, saving time and energy.

Use Flyte! Our voice recognition technology helps business professionals take impeccable meeting notes and capture action items and insights from every call. You get actions and questions that keep you focused and in control, meaning your customers stay happy and engaged. No more paper-pushing and manually delivering actions.

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