Flyte sponsored Chief Revenue Officer Summit in New York

Surya B.

Flyte sponsored CRO Summit in New York and shared valuable insights on how the alignment between sales and marketing teams can help companies increase their win rates

Flyte sponsored the highly anticipated Chief Revenue Officer Summit in New York City. At this special, one-of-a-kind event, an elite group of revenue leaders and delegated attendees network, collaborate, and innovate using each other's unique perspectives on the field. With the knowledge imparted, attendees return to their respective companies ready to tackle sales and deal pipeline-related challenges. The distinguished speaker lineup included revenue leders from Salesforce, SAP, Shopify and Sage Intacct.

The Summit includes CRO Summit, Revenue operations summit and Sales enablement summit. The event happens at various locations including London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Sydney, and all across the United States.

Some of the key events salespeople should look out for include, Sailing without navigation: bad data means lost revenue, Trends in B2B Sales for 2023 - Lessons from Analyzing 3M+ Deals. In the first listed, co-founders of Clozd, Andrew Peterson and Spencer Dent, discussed how win-loss analysis could help a company spur revenue more effectively. In the latter event listed, the CEO of Ebsta, Guy Rubin analyzed trends in B2B using his insight and experiences with multi-million dollar deals.

Flyte team had a chance to meet accomplished revenue leaders and innovative startup founders at the event. The team learned about key pain points that chief revenue officers normally face in their companies including sales coaching, deal win-loss analysis, and alignment between sales, marketing & customer success functions. Company leadership teams were keen to understand buyer intent and deal risks to address challenges associated with their deal pipeline.

Flyte offers a great solution to this challenge by providing AI powered insights as to what customer is thinking at any point in time and how to navigate through a deal to increase your conversion rate. Check out Flyte to know further about how preemptive risk analysis can significantly enhance your chances of winning.

Feel free to book a demo here and empower your organization with accelerated growth trajectory!

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