Flyte presenting at Ai4 conference

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Flyte presenting at Ai4

Ai4 conference - overview

  • Ai4 organizes the industry’s most impactful AI events by gathering enterprise leaders to create not only the largest, but the most influential arena for idea-sharing, AI related commerce, and technological progress. Its mission is to provide a common framework of AI meanings to both enterprise and the future of our globe as we enter into the responsible human-machine collaboration era.

Focus on multiple industries

Ai4 facilitated the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology with business leaders and data facilitators through the following summits:

  • Healthcare summit: topics discussing healthcare sectors (hospital systems, pharma & biotech, payers, med device) and AI use cases (chatbots & voice, data management & security, diagnosis, drug R&D, electric health records, fraud, waste, abuse, imaging insights, medical devices, patient access, population health, revenue cycle management)

  • Retail summit: topics discussing area of innovation (physical, digital, supply chain) and AI use cases (checkout technology, conversational AI, demand forecasting, humanless delivery, inventory management, intelligence robotics, marketing & personalization, recommender systems, pricing)

  • Finance summit: topics discussing finance sectors (asset management, retail banking, lending & credit, comm. banking, insurance) and AI use cases (algo trading, alternative data, chatbots, compliance, credit scoring, fraud detection, risk management, underwriting)

  • Cybersecurity summit: topics discussing security lifecycle (identify, protect, detect, respond) and AI use cases (advanced AI threats, cloud security, data security & loss prevention, DevOps security, identify & access management, insider threats, modeling corporate cyber risk, orchestration & response, red teaming, threat detection, vulnerability management)

Ai4 Conference Venue: MGM Grand Las Vegas

Flyte presenting at Ai4

We’re excited to share that Flyte is presenting at one of the largest conferences this year! Ai4 has set up an innovation stage at the conference that is exclusively reserved for innovative startups that are disrupting the industry.

This year's speaker line up includes executives from JPMorgan, TikTok, CVS, Munich Re and many other big organizations that are adding AI initiatives to their growth plan and product roadmaps. This would be a great opportunity to showcase Flyte technology and help them understand how Flyte can empower their sales and marketing organizations to close more deals.

Flyte founders, Shilpa Sharma and Chhavi Singh, will share their journey and how they are using conversational AI to provide a sales and marketing enablement platform that can help company executives with better decision making.

Are you excited to learn more about advanced technologies and AI initiatives? Apply here to attend this mega event in Las Vegas!

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Top features for client conversations

  • Store - Ability to record and search meeting notes within Flyte or through Slack so that you can quickly access and view your notes whenever, wherever.
  • Sort - Ability to sort notes based on speakers, topic or length makes it super easy to customize as you want.
  • Share - Ability to share notes with team members or customers to keep the business moving forward, saving time and energy.

Use Flyte! Our voice recognition technology helps business professionals take impeccable meeting notes and capture action items and insights from every call. You get actions and questions that keep you focused and in control, meaning your customers stay happy and engaged. No more paper-pushing and manually delivering actions.

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