Flyte partners with Pledge 1%

Annie Lin

Flyte partners with Pledge 1% to promote education initiatives

What is Pledge 1%?  

It inspires, educates, and empowers companies to donate 1% of their staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to ANY charity of their choosing for good. This simple, flexible, and scalable model leverages a portion of the companies’ success to support nonprofits in the community.

Flyte commits to dedicate 1% time towards non-profit organizations that are promoting education initiatives around the globe. With partnership with Pledge 1%, we look for working towards a cause that empowers people and makes them self-sufficient.

Pledge 1% working with other non-profit organizations

There are four ways for companies to pledge 1% of their resources to non-profit organizations:  

  • Pledge 1% of Time: Traditional hands-on volunteering (serving meals at local shelter), skills based/pro bono giving (helping nonprofits to use CRM effectively), or any other creative ways are all great methods to give back to the community.

  • Pledge 1% of Product: Donation of products, hardware, goods, or services either in full or in discount are all great ways to assist non-profit organizations.

  • Pledge 1% of Profit: Distribution of the monetary donations can be maximized with pairing of product and/or time donations that boost both the impact and employee engagement rates.

  • Pledge 1% of Equity: Company equity, personal equity, or combination of both are great approaches for companies to give as they grow.

Pledge 1%

Flyte continues to work towards education initiatives

Flyte CEO & co-founder, Shilpa Sharma, spoke about her business, challenges and what it means to partner with Pledge 1% here.

Flyte is committed to dedicating time and resources towards education initiatives around the globe. We believe in giving a gift of education so young people, mostly women, become self-sufficient.

“Quality education for all! We must educate girls to address inequality and have the future that we all want”

As we continue to grow our company, we plan to partner with non-profit organizations to promote education. If you or someone in your community is already working towards this noble cause, please let us know. We would love to partner and contribute to help people build their future and achieve their goals!

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