Chhavi Singh on Tony Shap Show

Chantal Walker

Tune-in to learn more about how conversational AI is helping sales teams build a robust deal pipeline!

Chhavi Singh on The Tony Shap Show

The Tony Shap Show is a famous podcast where Tony interviews founders and CEOs of high growth startups to discuss their experience and discoveries during the fabulous startup journeys. Tony is an award winning executive in the payments industry. He has been published in Inc Magazine, NBC Mistakes and



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Top features for client conversations

  • Store - Ability to record and search meeting notes within Flyte or through Slack so that you can quickly access and view your notes whenever, wherever.
  • Sort - Ability to sort notes based on speakers, topic or length makes it super easy to customize as you want.
  • Share - Ability to share notes with team members or customers to keep the business moving forward, saving time and energy.

Use Flyte! Our voice recognition technology helps business professionals take impeccable meeting notes and capture action items and insights from every call. You get actions and questions that keep you focused and in control, meaning your customers stay happy and engaged. No more paper-pushing and manually delivering actions.

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